Merry Christmas! Batch Release! W00t!

Ohk, it’s late, I’m tired, grab the releases you leechers~

MERRY CHRISTMAS SUCKERZ! Enjoy the releases. Today, we’re bringing you…Kimi wa Chiisana Kesshou, a cu~te oneshot by Kawata somebody, sorry, I suck at remembering names. We also bring you Chrome Shelled Regios: Missing Mail Chapter 3, a joint with AAS(Ala Atra Scans). Then we have Unordinary Life Chapters 2 & 3, yep, two WHOLE chapters!!!!! (I may seem enthusiastic…but I have the headache the size of asia right now xD)

But yeah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, we got a new layout over at the forum, check it out, Reii made the banner this time :p(don’t compliment him though XP, he’ll get an even bigger head mwahahaha!)

Onto the releases:

Missing Mail Chapter 3(Joint /w AAS): Here
Kimi wa Chiisana Kesshou: Here
Unordinary Life Chapter 2: Here
Unordinary Life Chapter 3: Here



Made by Mai<3Made by Mai<3


Release: Koukaku no Regios: Missing Mail!~

Mmkay, we forgot to update the website last release…which was Missing Mail Chapter 0 +1, lol, sorry about, too lazy.

Hope you guys enjoy that ^_^, it’s in the forum.

And now, today, we are releasing Missing Mail Chapter 2! >:3 I worked hard on it, so read it! jk jk :p

That is also on the forum, if you have any questions on where to find it, read the FAQ on the forum, it tells you allll about it.

And from now on, Ch3- of Koukaku no Regios: Missing Mail, it will be a joint with Ala Atra Scans ^_^


Happy Birthday Lama!

Happy Nineteenth Birthday Lama!!


We have a special chapter of Kimi Wo Suki Na Riyu for you today! Enjoy, and to all the rest, You can pick it up in the forum, all you need is 10 non-spam posts to access the release forum, Remember to leave your comments. We really are in need of Japanese Translators and Quality Checkers! so if you have the skills, please apply!

That’s all for nao, Bye!


Happy Thanksgiving and Release: Unordinary Life Chapter 1


And to celebrate this day, we’re releasing Unordinary Life Chapter 1!!!

I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving ^_^ Eat lots of turkey, food, stuff your face till you can’t eat no more!!

(I already stuffed my face x_x)

And umm yea, happy thanksgiving 😀 Enjoy our release~

Go to the forum for the release, you need at least 10 posts to see the section :3

Next Release: Hi~mi~tsu



Release! Love Knife Ch1!

Today’s release is Love Knife Chapter 1! It’s a joint with Awakened Memories!!!
Please thank our staff: melondream, snowgenius, and Reii from our side for making the release happen! Don’t forget to thank Sora from Awakened Memories for editing and scanning this series too!!!!!!<3
This release is for….no particular reason.
We just really wanted to release and keep a more stable release rate, once a week :3
So look forward to next week! We have a release coming for that!
Next Release?!:  Hi~mi~tsu~

Go to the forum for the releases after making 2 posts :3



Today is one of our french translator’s birthday! Happy 15th birthday kiko-chin<3

So we have released chapter 1 of Atsu Atsu Trattoria in her honor 😀

It’s a joint with Forbidden Garden! Please thank their’s and our’s staff for the release!
You can find the release on the forum after making 2 posts!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Koigokoro Senpukuchuu Chapter 2

Happy Second Anniversary Enchantment Scans!

And I thank them again for having done this project with us (: Even though it think the girl in this manga is very obnoxious XD, but that’s just me ;p. I hope you all pick it up either there or here (: but if it’s here you’re going to need 2 posts ;p, so go pick it up! And remember the 3 day hosting period, If I find it anywhere before then, I kill joo >;D.

Ohhh and in other news… We have a NEW FORUM LAYOUT! And I must say that It’s awesome… Even more than AWESOME!, It knocks my sox off :3, Its a winter theme Layout and it’s perdy ;D. That’s all I got for now!

Reii ❤

New Release: Momoko Manual

Yes! Today we’re releasing Momoko Manual chapter 1! It’s a joint with our partners, Ivyscan! Please thank our staff and their staff for their hard work that they put into this release. What about next week you ask? We have something planned, but it’s a secret! Shhh!~ But for sure, we’re going to release something, look forward to it 🙂
Go to our forum or ivyscan’s website for the release! Enjoy!

Happy Halloween & Releases!

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate it and to those who don’t RELEASE!! XD. This weeks release is the second Chapter od Kimi Wo Suki Na Riyu & Kami Sama Dolls V2, it seems like we all had a problem with the firt release lol so we all had to QC it ad then criticize the others work, it was very funny! Oh, in other news We have a new Layout here for a short time ( ow short? until tomorrow lol,  yeah we have another one ins tore this one was only for a week, but we worked hard on it so please tell us what you think about it (:. Many more releases to come, We are trying to figure out a plan for the next ones, But we could always use some help, translators editors, and QCers are essential for us to thrive as a group, so if you feel that you can do any of these just stop by the forum and take a test 😉 I promise we don’t bite XD.

Well that’s all for now.


Credit for this work of art goes to Mai ❤


New site layout… sixth release!!!

Okay~ So we just got a new site layout. What do you think??? Okay, I admit, it’s not really worth posting about, but hey, it’s pretty, right? Lol. XD So our next release will most likely be Kami-sama Dolls. Shh… I didn’t tell you that. Well, that wraps it up for today~


Woops! Wow~ Our sixth release, Kami-sama Dolls! It’s a cute little story so you should take a look at it if you have the time. Okay… not really that “cute”… I mean the art’s cute, but… well, it’s kinda… scary, mystery theme. But see? I told you Kami-sama Dolls would be released soon. XD Well, Enjoy! If you want the release, go head to the forum. 10 posts, 10 posts, 10 posts… And for the sake of the lovely Reii, do an intro post! We promise to reply back~ ^-^

Yikes!!! And I forgot to mention, we have 300 + members in the forum now. Thanks for all the support, guys! >-< Keep it up!